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How to Move Your People On

As a believer, one of your greatest responsibilities is to build up other believers. God has called you to make disciples; to move believers along in their faith. So how do you do that? I think the first step is to know where they're at.  One way to know this is to label them. There are many labels we can use, but I want to keep it simple, so here are four. Unbeliever New Believer Mature Believer Laborer or Leader Let's try this out.  Who is the first person you think of when you think of someone in your church?  Write their name down. Now how would you label them using one of the above four labels? Let's do it again. This time instead of thinking of a person and then labeling them, pick a label and then identify someone in your church that matches that label. Really, for these labels to have any value it is important that you determine how you can move someone from one position to another. Recently, I led a young man to Christ. We met after church. He had some great questi

Developing Leaders on the Mission Field

How do you develop trusted leaders to take the work forward - even in your absence? Adam Hussey shares his expertise in leadership development. Today we sit down with Adam Hussey. Adam is a missionary with Action International. He and his wife Alei serve in the Philippines. Much of their work is centered around developing local church leaders.  Also, Adam has some unique ideas on how missionaries can raise financial support in these tough times.  Contact Info The best way to contact Adam and to learn more about his work is to visit his website.  You will find Adam at   There you can email Adam and read more about his ministry. Also, check out his Facebook page at Closing Thoughts Thanks for listening to Coaching Christian Leaders . You should subscribe to this podcast so that you’ll never miss an episode. You can find this podcast in just about any podcast app. We are on Apple Podcasts , Deezer ,