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Professional Development for Pastors

Diminishing Skills After 44 years of professional work, I am starting to feel ill equipped. I don't know if I am functioning at my highest level. I wonder, "Are my skills and knowledge enough for the work God has called me to do?" Don't misunderstand, I have an associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree. But this education, while valuable, has limits and some of it is no longer relevant.  What can I do? I could return to school and pursue a PhD or a DMin. But further formal education is not for me. There must be another way. Another Way In the professional world, many careers require professional development. Professional development involves acquiring new skills and knowledge through ongoing education and career training after entering the workforce. It ensures that professionals maintain their expertise and deliver high-quality services within their field. No one requires professional development for pastors in non-denominational circles. They are left
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How Many Visits A Week Should A Pastor Make?

A church expects its pastor to visit its members. But I have a few questions about this.  How many visits per week is a pastor expected to make?  How long should a visit last? And d oes a phone call or a text message count as a visit?  How Many Visits? I've struggled knowing how many visits are expected. So, I did a bit of research, and this is what I've learned. The rule of thumb is a pastor should visit 5-10 percent of its congregation each week. I'm not sure where this percentage comes from, but Dr. Kennon Callahan in his book Twelve Keys to an Effective Church supports it. Dr. Callahan divides these visits into three groups. For a church of 200, he recommends 20 visits a week with church members. Another 20 visits per week with unchurched in the community. He as; recommends an "adequate visitation to persons who are hospitalized and homebound." If you are keeping up with the numbers, that comes to 40 plus visits per week. If I use my current church and round

How a Pastor Can Use ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence is either the next best thing or the end of the world as we know it. Until then, I suggest you give it a try. The AI model that has been in the news lately is ChatGPT. I've used this tool for the past month, and have found it helpful.  What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is an AI-powered bot developed by OpenAi. It is unique in that you can ask it natural or normal questions and it will respond to you in the same way. Here's how I am using it. . Replace Google with ChatGPT The days of asking Google for information may be in the past. The reason is, if you ask Google a question it will respond with adds and information that may or may not answer your question. But if you ask ChatGPT the same question you will get a clean, add-free answer. Here's an example. Click on the link below to see how ChatGPT answered. Who is Marcion the Heretic? Notice that I stayed within the chat and modified the questions to get more of the answer I wanted. That should be your approac