Women Rescued from Porn - Episode 9

Crystal Renaud is a certified Life & Leadership Coach and speaker. She is also the author of two books, Dirty Girls Come Clean and 90 Days to Wholeness. In 2009, Crystal founded the Dirty Girls Ministry, which is to help women with pornography addiction. Crystal holds certifications in Professional Life Coaching, Treating Sexual Addictions, Extraordinary Women, and Caring for People God’s Way through the American Association of Christian Counselors.
She sharedHer faith story – 1:00The mission of Dirty Girls Ministry7:30Why there fewer helps for women who struggle with porn - 11:30The percentage of Christian women who struggle with pornography – 13:00How she came to write Dirty Girls Come Clean - 17:05Her clients' primary need - 19:10The acronym S.C.A.R.S. - 23:25What is the role of sharing in healing? 27:20 Contact Info: Crystal's email:
ResourcesDirty Girls Come Clean
90 Days to Wholeness
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When You Stop Learning You Stop Leading - Episode 8

William Attaway is the lead pastor of Southview Community Church in Herndon Virginian, a professor of Biblical Studies at Washington University of Virginia, as well as a teacher of Old and New Testament Survey at Itawamba Community College.
He holds a PhD in Old Testament Studies with an emphasis in archaeology. He is also a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach, and teacher.
William has authored two books: Lead: Leadership Lessons from the Not So Minor Prophets and 97 Leadership Nuggets Every Leader Should Know.
He has been happily married to his wife Charlotte for 20 years and they have two daughters.
William SharedHis faith story - 1:00Why he pursued training with John Maxwell - 3:40The impact of the John Maxwell training on his personal leadership and on his church work - 5:40How he balances his time - 7:45What a virtual mastermind is and why leaders should be involved in one - 9:05 What to expect when you sign up for his virtual mastermind -  10:25The type of client and niche of …

An Interview with Brigadier General David B. Warner - Episode 7

If you want to change an organization you must first change its leadership. That's the ministry of Officers' Christian Fellowship (OCF).  OCF’s Vision is the military community positively impacted through Christ-like leaders. OCF's Mission is to engage military leaders in Biblical fellowship and growth to equip them for Christ-like service at the intersection of faith, family, and profession. Today we sit down with Brigadier General David B. Warner, the Executive Director of OCF. General Warner shares how the ministry of OCF is making a positive impact on the lives of U.S. military leaders. General Warner SharedHow he came to Christ and how that led to OCF - 1:16OCF's Mission - 6:15How this mission is achieved - 8:11The vision for OCF going forward - 11:47How people can get involved with Officers' Christian Fellowship - 15:52How knowing Christ and following His Word can help a man or woman develop professional excellence - 18:09 Contact Information General Warner&#…

An Interview with Ryan Churchill - Episode 6

Today we sit down with Ryan Churchill, the author of The Covenants, Christ, and You. Ryan was a great guest. He shared the origin of the book and the power of the Covenants in understanding our identity and that of Jesus Christ.
The Covenants, Christ, and You cover the seven biblical covenants. The reader begins the journey in Eden and travels all the way to the New Covenant. Ryan Shared:His testimony - :30How he became an author - 2:31The focus of the book - 6:19Why this is important - 7:50Resources at the website - 10:30The power of the small group and the Word - 11:22The power of prayer and the Word - 14:22How to best use the book - 15:52 Contact Information: Ryan's email His website: Closing Thoughts Thanks for listening to this episode of Coaching Christian Leaders. Please subscribe to Coaching Christian Leaders and never miss an episode. You can subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcheriHeartRa…

An Interview with Dr. Curtis McDaniel Jr. - Episode 5

Is our faith still relevant in a post-Christian culture? Has the church lost the right to comment on cultural issues? Today, Dr. Henry Curtis McDaniel will answer these questions.
Dr. Henry Curtis McDaniel Jr. is the founder and president of the Center for Reaching a Post-Christian Culture. He graduated cum laude from Columbia International University and obtained a Master of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary. He has earned two doctorates - a D.Min from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Duquesne University.
Dr. McDaniel is the author of two books - When I Need God the Most and God Is All My Hope and Stay. He also wrote a series of books with his wife, Karen McDaniel called Life Brighteners.
The ConversationHis Faith Story - 1:00The world is changing drastically - 4:30The birth of the post-Christian America - 6:30Define the post-Chrisitan condition - 7:07How our thinking has changed - 10:23The Da Vinci Code as an example - 16:20The role of the church in a post-Chri…

Avoiding Burnout

Some Steps You Can Take Now to Overcome Burnout How can you overcome burnout or possibly prevent it? Here are some simple steps that will help.
How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated
by Rebecca Knight
"What’s the best way to recharge? Are some forms of rejuvenation better than others? How do you know if what you’re feeling is ordinary burnout or something else, like chronic dissatisfaction?"
When Your Wife Suffers from Burnout A pastor can struggle with work-life balance and burnout. But if he is not careful, this burnout will find its way home. Check out Shona and David Murray's article and video on this subject.
How Husbands Can Protect Their Wives from Burnout by Shona Murray & David Murray "Men tend to overlook their wive's burnout. At least in my own case, I didn't see it coming. So, keep your eyes open. Watch and listen for warning signs, and heed them."…

An Interview with Jake Delich - Episode 4

Recently I interview Jake Delich. Jake and his wife Elizabeth have planted a church in Sweden and are now helping with a church plant in Puerto Rico.
I should point out that this interview was recorded prior to the hurricane Maria. Jake and his family did come out of Maria in good shape but the situation in Puerto Rico is serious.
Jake Shared:His testimony  2:16His interest in missions  5:26Church planting in Sweden  6:29How to understand the post-modern Swedish people  9:00Their goals and methods in Sweden  10:52How the work developed in Sweden  13:45God closing the door in Sweden  16:12Church planting and discipleship in Puerto Rico  18:00The cultural situation in Puerto Rico  20:50The current work in Puerto Rico  22:11Relational evangelism  23:30Church planting steps  26:20An example of these steps in Puerto Rico  31:36How we can pray for and support the work in Puerto Rico  33:38 Contact Information email
Please support Jake and Elizabeth through pray and givin…