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How to Move Your People On

As a believer, one of your greatest responsibilities is to build up other believers. God has called you to make disciples; to move believers along in their faith.

So how do you do that?

I think the first step is to know where they're at. 

One way to know this is to label them. There are many labels we can use, but I want to keep it simple, so here are four.

  1. Unbeliever
  2. New Believer
  3. Mature Believer
  4. Laborer or Leader

Let's try this out. 

Who is the first person you think of when you think of someone in your church?  Write their name down.

Now how would you label them using one of the above four labels?

Let's do it again. This time instead of thinking of a person and then labeling them, pick a label and then identify someone in your church that matches that label.

Really, for these labels to have any value it is important that you determine how you can move someone from one position to another.

Recently, I led a young man to Christ. We met after church. He had some great questions. I answered his questions, reviewed the gospel, and then he received Jesus. Now he is a New Believer.

I feel responsible for this young man. I need to help him mature in his faith. And once mature, he can become an important leader in the church.

What are the necessary steps to move someone on? I'll address them in a later post. But for now, start by labeling your people. Once labeled, you can begin the process of moving them on.

Here's a worksheet that will help you with the process of labeling. Just click the link and print it out. No email of required to download.

Click HERE for a worksheet to help with this project.

I'll talk with you soon,