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The Future of Church Staffing

Matt Lombardi and Rachel Baird share their expertise on church staffing. Both are with Shaar.Work . Shaar is a platform that connects Christian freelancers and contractors with churches. Shaar.Work is a wonderful resource for both small and large churches.  I really do appreciate both Matt and Rachel taking the time to explain their service . I learned a great deal from both Matt and Rachel. Shaar.Work can be a great resource for small and large churches. And I believe they are on the cutting edge of church staffing. So check them out at Shaar.Work . Contact Information Website: Shaar.Work Matt's email: Matt@Shaar.Work Rachel's email: Rachel@Shaar.Work Closing Thoughts Next week I will be back with another episode on How to Develop church leaders. If you like the Coaching Christian Leaders podcast, then share this episode with other pastors. Maybe you're in a pastor's Facebook group or a member of a ministerium. Email or post a link to Coaching Chri

Step One of Leadership Development

Intro What‘s stopping your church from fulfilling the Great Commission? What is stopping your church from sharing Christ with your community, building small groups or Sunday School classes, from staffing children’s ministries? You might say, “I don’t have enough people. I’m boiled down to just a faithful few and we’re doing all we can. And we can’t do any more than we currently do.” But here’s another reason. And I will use myself. The reason we were falling short...The reason we were not fulfilling the Great Commission is that we were just doing church and not intentionally developing leaders.   This is Mark Jones and I help pastors create leaders. Now is the time to get intentional and begin to create a system that will develop future leaders. In the last episode, I presented a biblical foundation for Leadership Development. I shared with you three Scripture passages: Matthew 28:19-20 Ephesians 4:11-12 And 2 Timothy 2:2 I discussed that God has commissioned you to Make

The Biblical Basis for Leadership Development

Opening Welcome to Coaching Christian Leaders. I have a question for you. Are you frustrated with a lack of leadership? Maybe you want to start a new ministry – but there’s no one to lead it. Or you look at your current ministries – say your small groups or children’s ministry – and you note that they always depend on the same few people. That’s dangerous because you are one disgruntled family, one upset person away from the ministry without leadership. Or maybe you have the people but they never take initiative. They never lead. If you’re frustrated with a lack of leadership, I understand. I’ve been there. But I’m digging out that hole and I want to share with you how you too can develop leaders. My name is Mark Jones and I help pastors develop leaders. Here’s a story that happened to me about a year ago. I lead a small rural church and I have thee elders. They are great guys. They love and support me. I really value their insights. But they are getting older. In fact, eve