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The Future of Church Staffing

Matt Lombardi and Rachel Baird share their expertise on church staffing. Both are with Shaar.Work. Shaar is a platform that connects Christian freelancers and contractors with churches.

Shaar.Work is a wonderful resource for both small and large churches. 

I really do appreciate both Matt and Rachel taking the time to explain their service I learned a great deal from both Matt and Rachel. Shaar.Work can be a great resource for small and large churches. And I believe they are on the cutting edge of church staffing. So check them out at Shaar.Work.

Contact Information

Website: Shaar.Work

Matt's email: Matt@Shaar.Work

Rachel's email: Rachel@Shaar.Work

Closing Thoughts

Next week I will be back with another episode on How to Develop church leaders. If you like the Coaching Christian Leaders podcast, then share this episode with other pastors. Maybe you're in a pastor's Facebook group or a member of a ministerium. Email or post a link to Coaching Christian and encourage them to check it out. Email them a link to this episode or some of the others I have published.

Thanks to all who listen. This is Mark Jones. I will speak to you next week.

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