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What Happens When You Make Jesus Your Managing Director - Episode 30

What happens when you make Jesus the Managing Director of your business? Restauranteur Peter Demos shares how his new faith in Christ changed him personally and as a leader. Today we sit down with businessman Peter Demos. Peter is the President of Demos Brands. Demos Brands includes PDK Southern Kitchen and Market, Peter D's Restaurants, and Demos Restaurants. Peter is also the author of the book, Afraid to Trust: One Man's Journey Into the Love of God.  What We Covered Why Peter rejected Christ for so long. Why his new faith created such an internal struggle. How his new faith personally changed him. How his faith changed his approach to business. How he handled the community backlash when his businesses began to honor Christ. How a Christian business owner defines success. Some leadership insights for pastors. Resources Peter's book: Afraid to Trust Contact Info Closing Thoughts If you have enjoyed this podcast, please review the p

Giving Hope to the Japanese People - Episode 29

Tom and Amy McVicker love Jesus and they love the people of Japan. For those reasons, soon they will be heading to Japan to bring the hope of Christ to the Japanese people. Today, Tom and Amy share their journey and their heart. You will learn how Christ called them to missions. They will also share some of their joys and frustrations with building a support team. Below you will find their contact information. Please email Tom and Amy with any questions you may have about their ministry. Also, let them know you desire to support them as a prayer partner. When this interview was recorded, the McVickers were just over 50 percent support. Now at this release, they are over 80 percent. Please consider financially supporting the McVickers. Just one percent of their support - about $85 dollars per month - would make all the difference. Use the email address below to find out more on supporting the McVickers. Contact Info Email: Facebook Page: