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How To Rebound From Sin and Failure - Episode 25

Can you ever recover from failure and sin? Will God ever use you again? Or are you stuck on the sidelines, never to serve again? Pastor Bill Baldwin answers these questions. Currently, Bill is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Church in Albemarle, North Carolina. He is also the author of the book, Rebound: Rising From Failure Back to Purpose and Destiny . Bill Shared His Testimony 1:10 The inspiration for his book, Rebound: Rising from Failure Back to Purpose and Destiny . 3:35 The purpose and the intended reader of Rebound 9:55 Why people feel as if God has abandoned them 13:45 How we should understand God’s love when we sin and fail 18:30 The right way to understand repentance 21:35 His C.H.R.I.S.T. outline  26:55 Some simple steps to experience rebound 31:45 His counsel for the person who cannot forgive himself. 38:44 Closing Thoughts Please share this episode, especially with those struggling with failure. Also, give the gift of Bill's book, Rebound: Rising fro

How to Communicate Change to Your Congregation - Episode 24

How to Communicate Change to Your Congregation This year, 2019, we are focusing our efforts on how to lead change. In episode 23 we addressed in part how to end something. Dr. William Bridges in his book Managing Transitions tells us that change begins when you first end something. Ending the current thing is part of starting something new. Dr. Bridges separates change from a transition. When you when you decide to change something, say your service times, that is just a change. A transition is a process of ending the former service times and then adopting the new service times. A transition is made up of three phases – An ending (the current thing must end), the neutral zone, and the new beginning. In the last episode, we focused on the ending phase.  I covered 5 questions to help you end something. Here again, are those questions. What is actually ending? Who is losing what? What are the secondary changes your change will cause? How will people react emotionally to this c

Five Coaching Questions To Help You End a Ministry - Episode 23

In the last episode, episode 22, we began to learn how to lead change.  All leaders must have a clear idea of how to take their organization through change. This ability to lead change is essential. The good news is ability is something we can learn. And the steps that I will be covering with you can be applied to big changes or small changes. As I said in the last episode, I greatly value the work of Dr. William Bridges. Dr. Bridges wrote several books on change, both on personal change and organizational change. If you see change on the horizon for your church or ministry, I suggest you read Managing Transitions, by Dr. William Bridges. I will have a link to this book in the show notes. Dr. Bridges differentiates between change and transition. Change is just that, change. You say we are going to change the carpet. That’s the change. A transition is the process of removing the old carpet and getting new. According to Dr. Bridges, transition involves three phases. All transitions

How To Lead Change - Episode 22

There will come a time, probably sooner than later, that you will need to make a change. You will need to change something at your church. Over the next few episodes, we will look at how you can lead your church through change. The principles I will cover apply to big changes as well as small. Obviously, changing your worship music is a bigger change than changing your carpet color. But the steps are the same. Now, Over the past 12 years, I have taken the church I pastor through several changes. And I foresee more changes in the immediate future. I’m not going to tell you what I need to change but I will share this fact – I believe everything but one thing is open to change Listen to 1 Timothy 3:15b “the church of the living God, a pillar and buttress of the truth.” I understand those words this way. The local church is the protector, the fortress of the truth, of the Gospel. The gospel never changes. The truth found in God’s word never changes. And the local church is ca