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How To Rebound From Sin and Failure - Episode 25

Can you ever recover from failure and sin? Will God ever use you again? Or are you stuck on the sidelines, never to serve again? Pastor Bill Baldwin answers these questions.
Currently, Bill is the Senior Pastor of Harvest Church in Albemarle, North Carolina. He is also the author of the book, Rebound: Rising From Failure Back to Purpose and Destiny.

Bill Shared

  • His Testimony 1:10
  • The inspiration for his book, Rebound: Rising from Failure Back to Purpose and Destiny. 3:35
  • The purpose and the intended reader of Rebound 9:55
  • Why people feel as if God has abandoned them 13:45
  • How we should understand God’s love when we sin and fail 18:30
  • The right way to understand repentance 21:35
  • His C.H.R.I.S.T. outline  26:55
  • Some simple steps to experience rebound 31:45
  • His counsel for the person who cannot forgive himself. 38:44

Closing Thoughts

Please share this episode, especially with those struggling with failure. Also, give the gift of Bill's book, Rebound: Rising from Failure Back to Purpose and Destiny.
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