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Values-Driven Leadership

Bobby Albert is the President of Values-Driven Leadership. He is the author of The Freedom Paradox, Principled Profits, and True North Business.

Today we spoke with Bobby shared his insights on leadership and the state of our country.

He Shared

How he came to know Christ as your savior.

Why he wrote The Freedom Paradox.

What is meant by “Freedom Paradox.

How Freedom + Responsibility = Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

What’s the value of going all the way back to the birth of our nation?

Four cultural changes

  1. People are acting on emotions rather than principles
  2. People are exhibiting scarcity mindsets instead of abundant mindsets.
  3. People are focused on symptoms instead of the root problem.
  4. People no longer understand how you communicate is as important as what you communicate.

What is the hope for American?

His Books

The Freedom Paradox

Principled Profits

True North Business

His Website and Email

Visit for a free gift.

Closing Thoughts

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