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How to Publish Your Passion - Episode 38

Pastors have a great opportunity to reach the lost and make disciples well beyond their church walls. How? Through self-publishing. Today we sit down with Charles W. Morris. Charles is a pastor, church planter, evangelist, missionary, and author of over 10 books. Charles shares with us his testimony his ministry experience how he began to write and other insights and helps. Some of his books Experiencing the Beauty of Brokenness Faithful? Preparing Ourselves to Hear God's Voice The Five Witnesses of Salvation How Do I Write a Book Closing Thoughts I am in the process of creating an online Outreach & Discipleship Workshop. If you are interested in more information email me at Thanks for listening to Coaching Christian Leaders. Keep up with the podcast by subscribing. You can subscribe on  Apple Podcasts ,  Google Play ,  Stitcher ,  iHeartRadio , and most any podcast app. When you get a minute, check out the  Coaching Christia