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How to Overcome the Distractions of Life - Episode 37

Today we will speak with Pastor Sherman Burkhead, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Boron California.

Sherman, a former atheist, is passionate about sharing the hope of the gospel with his community and with the world.

He Shared

  • His testimony
  • Why he wrote the book, Distracted: Finding God in a Chaotic World
  • How distractions impact our relationship with God
  • A realistic view of time with the Savior
  • How fear leads to distraction
  • The Distracted Church
  • And some words of encouragement for those pastors who are thinking about writing a book.

Important Information

His book: Distracted: Finding God in a Chaotic World

His website:

His church: First Baptist Church, Boron, CA

Closing Thoughts

I am in the process of creating an online Outreach & Discipleship Workshop. If you are interested in more information email me at

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