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Making Disciples in the Military - Episode 35

How can you and your church make an eternal difference in the lives of the military? One way is to get behind the great work of Military Evangelism

Pastor Dave Mason, the Executive Director of Military Evangelism shares the great work they are doing with US Marines in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

He Shared

  • His career before the ministry
  • The mission of Military Evangelism
  • How this mission is accomplished
  • How they provide a home away from home
  • How military members are developed as followers of Christ
  • How you can get behind this ministry

Contact Info


Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @MFCJAX

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for listening to Coaching Christian Leaders. I just finished leading a small church outreach workshop. A group of 12 pastors and missionaries came together and we worked on local outreach, discipleship, and church assimilation. It was a great time and although I was the facilitator, I learned a great deal from these men.

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