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Learn to Master Your Emotions and Avoid Burnout - Episode 34

Is it possible to master your emotions, better handle relationships, and avoid burnout? It is for the emotionally intelligent pastor.  Dr. Jeannie Clarkson, the author of The Emotionally Intelligent Pastor  shares her expertise. She Shared: Why so many pastors are struggling. How to recognize emotional exhaustion. The Five Common Leadership Challenges that lead to burnout. The biblical basis for emotional intelligence. How to manage conflict. Her Book The Emotionally Intelligent Pastor: A Guide for Clergy and Other Church Leaders Contact Info and Free E-Book Free E-Book - How to Prevent Conflict by Building Trust Contact her at her website - Closing Thoughts Thanks for listening to this episode of Coaching Christian Leaders. Please subscribe to Coaching Christian Leaders and never miss an episode. You can subscribe on  Apple Podcasts ,  Google Play ,  Stitcher ,  iHeartRadio , and most any podcast app. Also, visit our  Facebook Page  and