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How to Lead Your Sunday School and Small Group Programs - Episode 33

How can you grow and lead your discipleship programs? Which is best - Sunday School or Small Groups? How can you do both effectively? 

Dwight Moss of Sunday School Home Group Trainers has decades of experience in leading and growing both Sunday School programs and Small Group Programs. 

He Shared:

  • His testimony
  • How he got involved in Christian education
  • The future of Sunday School
  • The impact Small Groups has on Sunday School
  • How these discipleship programs can function as evangelism arms of the church
  • Whether or not to make you Small Group closed or open
  • Leadership responsibilities
  • Small church issues with discipleship
  • His work as a trainer, consultant, and coach

How to Contact Dwight

His email is

His website is

His Facebook page is

Closing Thoughts

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