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Create a faith-based Financial Life Plan - Episode 28

Francis McKay is a wealth advisor and financial educator. She has a passion to help Christians build a Financial Life Plan. Fran Shares: 1. Fran, you worked 20 years in the field of chemical manufacturing and then one day you switched careers to financial planning. What led you to that decision? 2. There must have been some hardships when you changed careers. What were some of those and how did you navigate them? 3. In your bio, you say that guiding Christians in financial stewardship is a passion. Tell us why this is? 4. You've created a website to guide Christians in their financial life. Tell us about this website and what our listeners can find there. 5. Is this website designed for beginners or someone with more advanced knowledge of personal finance? 6. If a listener to this podcast wants to sign up to be a Founding Member on your website for the low price of $100 giving them access for a full year, what would they need to do? 7. Is your website just for individua