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How to Lead Your Church through the Wilderness of Change - Episode 26

There is a place where any great opportunity for change can die. It's a no man's land, a wilderness, filled with temptations and riddled with the bones of past failures.  How do you avoid such? Today, we cover just that. So about four episodes back, episode number 22, we started looking at how to lead change. At, first we considered two simple questions that will help your board or congregation consider changes. Then we began to look at Dr. William Bridges ideas on change and transition. Dr. Bridges, in his book, Managing Transitions , teaches that all changes go through three stages of transition – An ending, the neutral zone, and the new beginning. If this is the first episode you are listening to on change leadership, I suggest you go back to episode 22 and work up to this one. In episode 24 we finished our work on how to end something. Today we will look at that phase between ending the old thing and starting the new – the area called the neutral zone. I do not know