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How to Uncomplicate Discipleship - Episode 19

Today we visit with Dr. Warren Haynes, the author of the book Discipleship Uncomplicated
Dr. Haynes is the National Director of Contextualized Leadership Development for Gateway Seminary. His work puts him at the forefront of leadership training and disciple-making.
Today he shares from his book, Discipleship Uncomplicated.

He shared

  • His faith story and how it links to his current work - 00:45
  • His position as the National Director of Contextualized Leadership Development for Gateway Seminary - 3:30
  • The intended reader of his book, Discipleship Uncomplicated - 5:44
  • Why his book is unique - 5:30
  • An example of real-life disciple-making - 9:40
  • A definition of a disciple - 11:40
  • Eight principles of disciple-making - 13:45
  1. Love God, Love People
  2. What’s Your Name?
  3. Let’s Pray
  4. This is for You
  5. Let Me Share a Story; Tell Me Your Story
  6. Come with Me
  7. Gather People
  8. How to Multiply Leaders
  • The difference between being a disciple and making a disciple - 18:00
  • Why is it important in the disciple-making process to help or care for people. - 20:55
  • The four types of stories we can use to inspire people - 24:20
  1. God’s Story
  2. Our Story
  3. Biblical Stories that Apply to Today
  4. Life Stories
  • The impact of storytelling - 25:45
  • How a small group can use his book - 30:24

Contact Information

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Closing Thoughts

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