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Teach Kids to Fall in Love with Jesus - Episode 18

Why is it essential that kids fall in love with Jesus? What must be done to ensure children and youth retain their faith as they grow up? How do you teach and disciple young people? These are some of the questions Ben Palacz and Tony Trussoni answer today on Coaching Christian Leaders.
Both of these men share their expertise in family ministry.

They Share

  • How they ended up in Family Ministry – 1:00
  • How to define Family Ministry – 3:20
  • How to connect with the parents – 5:00
  • Ensuring faith retention – 6:20
  • How family ministry can reach different ages – 7:40
  • Why Christ must capture their hearts – 10:00
  • Should children ministry be separated from adult ministry – 11:30
  • The role of the Senior Pastor in family ministry – 15:00
  • The purpose of the Theological Family Ministry Podcast – 17:30
  • What the podcast covers – 19:20
  • The role entertainment plays in youth ministry – 21:00
  • Teaching Kids and Youth the Message of the Text Episode 40 – 24:00
  • How to offer the opportunity of salvation to young children – 26:00

Resources Mentioned

The Theological Family Ministry Podcast
Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids, by Jack Klumpenhower

Contact Information

Their email:

Closing Thoughts

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