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Hope for Combat Veterans and Their Families - Episode 16

When a combat veteran returns home, the war doesn't end.  An enemy, unseen to us, continues to attack. But this battlefield is spiritual, not physical. And the wounds suffered are divorce, addiction, homelessness, and even suicide.
Reboot Combat Recovery is making a difference. This 12-week faith-based course helps combat veterans rebuild their lives and experience a breakthrough in their personal battle with combat trauma.
In this episode, we sit down with Bryan Flanery, the Engagement Coordinator for Reboot Combat Recovery. Bryan is a combat veteran, a man who struggled with PTSD, and a graduate of Reboot. 
He shares his story, his victory over hopelessness, and the great impact Reboot Combat Recovery made on his life.

Bryan Shared:

  • His faith story - :40
  • What he would've missed had his suicide attempt been successful - 6:25
  • The mission of Reboot Combat Recovery - 8:45
  • The symptoms of PTSD and the impact it makes on the extended family - 10:50
  • How the Reboot Combat Recovery course helps with healing - 16:25
  • What to expect the first time you attend - 22:00
  • How much it costs - 23:00
  • Group size - 24:40
  • Who can host the course - 26:50
  • The impact this course is making in the lives of veterans and their families - 28:00


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Closing Thoughts

Please visit to learn more. At this website, you can find a group near you, learn how to start your own group, and how to support Reboot.
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