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The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Coaching Executives - Episode 11

Dan Brown is an experienced executive who has worked in financial services, banking, asset management, and software solutions. He has served with Fortune 100 companies as well as non-profit organizations.
Dan has been awarded the Chief Information Officer of the year award and was the Atlanta Telecom Professional of the year in 2012.
These days, Dan brings all of this experience forward, serving as an executive coach. He coaches senior executives as well as mid-career executives.
You can learn more about Dan and the coaching he provides by visiting

Dan shared

  • His faith story - 1:30
  • What makes a c-level coaching call different from coaching a mid-level executive - 3:45
  • Areas where a new executive coach should prepare - 5:27
  • The pitfalls to coaching executives - 8:10
  • How he merges coaching and consulting - 10:05
  • His other goals and passions - 12:35

Contact Info

Dan's email:
Dan's website:

Closing Thoughts

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