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Self-Publish And Extend Your Reach - Episode 10

Today we will sit down with Brandon Boone. Brandon is the pastor of Red Hills Southern Baptist Church in Enoch Utah. He’s the author of the blog as well as the author of the book, The King's Sermon: The Sermon on the Mount and Life in the Kingdom of Heaven.
The reason I wanted to interview Brandon is his experience with publishing The Kings Sermon. Brandon took the self-publishing route. I am convinced that many of you are sitting on a former sermon series, a training curriculum, or an expertise that could easily be published. And self-publishing might just be the way you can extend your reach and also extend the reach of the gospel.

Brandon Shared

  • His Faith Story – 00:38
  • How he published his book – 3:22
  • The process of self-publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing – 5:05
  • Cover Design – 8:30
  • How much does it cost to use Kindle Direct Publishing – 10:00
  • How he used – 11:35
  • What are the pitfalls to self-publishing – 13:46
  • Encouraging words for those thinking about self-publishing – 18:00
  • The book, The King's Sermon – 21:41

Contact Information

Brandon's email:


Brandon's Book: The King's Sermon
Brandon's blog:
Kindle Direct Publishing:

Closing Thoughts

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