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When You Stop Learning You Stop Leading - Episode 8

William Attaway is the lead pastor of Southview Community Church in Herndon Virginian, a professor of Biblical Studies at Washington University of Virginia, as well as a teacher of Old and New Testament Survey at Itawamba Community College.
He holds a PhD in Old Testament Studies with an emphasis in archaeology. He is also a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach, and teacher.
William has authored two books: Lead: Leadership Lessons from the Not So Minor Prophets and 97 Leadership Nuggets Every Leader Should Know.
He has been happily married to his wife Charlotte for 20 years and they have two daughters.

William Shared

  • His faith story - 1:00
  • Why he pursued training with John Maxwell - 3:40
  • The impact of the John Maxwell training on his personal leadership and on his church work - 5:40
  • How he balances his time - 7:45
  • What a virtual mastermind is and why leaders should be involved in one - 9:05
  • What to expect when you sign up for his virtual mastermind -  10:25
  • The type of client and niche of his coaching - 11:35
  • A leadership lesson from Jonah - 12:30
  • His favorite nugget from his book 97 Leadership Nuggets Every Leader Should Know - 16:30
  • The best leadership advice he ever received -17:45
  • The best leadership book he has read in the past 6 months - 19:40


Lead: Leadership Lessons From the Not So Minor Prophets by William Attaway.
97 Leadership Nuggets Every Leader Should Know by William Attaway
Profiles in Leadership by Alan Axelrod

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