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The Covenants, Christ, and You - Episode 6

Today we sit down with Ryan Churchill, the author of The Covenants, Christ, and You . Ryan was a great guest. He shared the origin of the book and the power of the Covenants in understanding our identity and that of Jesus Christ. The Covenants, Christ, and You cover the seven biblical covenants. The reader begins the journey in Eden and travels all the way to the New Covenant. Ryan Shared: His testimony - :30 How he became an author - 2:31 The focus of the book - 6:19 Why this is important - 7:50 Resources at the website - 10:30 The power of the small group and the Word - 11:22 The power of prayer and the Word - 14:22 How to best use the book - 15:52 Contact Information: Ryan's email His website: Closing Thoughts Thanks for listening to this episode of Coaching Christian Leaders. Please subscribe to Coaching Christian Leaders and never miss an episode. You can subscribe on  App

Is Faith Still Relevant In A Post-Christian Culture? - Episode 5

Is our faith still relevant in a post-Christian culture? Has the church lost the right to comment on cultural issues? Today, Dr. Henry Curtis McDaniel will answer these questions. Dr. Henry Curtis McDaniel Jr. is the founder and president of the Center for Reaching a Post-Christian Culture. He graduated cum laude from Columbia International University and obtained a Master of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary. He has earned two doctorates - a D.Min from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Duquesne University. Dr. McDaniel is the author of two books - When I Need God the Most and God Is All My Hope and Stay . He also wrote a series of books with his wife, Karen McDaniel called Life Brighteners . The Conversation His Faith Story - 1:00 The world is changing drastically - 4:30 The birth of the post-Christian America - 6:30 Define the post-Chrisitan condition - 7:07 How our thinking has changed - 10:23 The Da Vinci Code as an example - 16:20 The role of th