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Avoiding Burnout

Some Steps You Can Take Now to Overcome Burnout How can you overcome burnout or possibly prevent it? Here are some simple steps that will help. How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated by Rebecca Knight "What’s the best way to recharge? Are some forms of rejuvenation better than others? How do you know if what you’re feeling is ordinary burnout or something else, like chronic dissatisfaction?" When Your Wife Suffers from Burnout A pastor can struggle with work-life balance and burnout. But if he is not careful, this burnout will find its way home.  Check out Shona and David Murray's article and video on this subject. How Husbands Can Protect Their Wives from Burnout by Shona Murray & David Murray "Men tend to overlook their wive's burnout. At least in my own case, I didn't see it coming. So, keep your eyes open. Watch and listen for warning signs, and heed them.&

Church Planting in Puerto Rico - Episode 4

Recently, I interviewed Jake Delich. Jake and his wife Elizabeth have planted a church in Sweden and are now helping with a church plant in Puerto Rico. I should point out that this interview was recorded prior to the hurricane Maria. Jake and his family did come out of Maria in good shape but the situation in Puerto Rico is serious. Jake Shared: His testimony  2:16 His interest in missions  5:26 Church planting in Sweden  6:29 How to understand the post-modern Swedish people  9:00 Their goals and methods in Sweden  10:52 How the work developed in Sweden  13:45 God closing the door in Sweden  16:12 Church planting and discipleship in Puerto Rico  18:00 The cultural situation in Puerto Rico  20:50 The current work in Puerto Rico  22:11 Relational evangelism  23:30 Church planting steps  26:20 An example of these steps in Puerto Rico  31:36 How we can pray for and support the work in Puerto Rico  33:38 Contact Information email Please support