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An Interview with Dr. Sam Serio - Episode 3

Every week God gives us opportunities to help those affected by porn, abortion, rape, casual sex, a sexless marriage, same-sex attraction, or childhood sexual abuse. But often we fall short. Sadly, our response causes more harm.
Today on the Coaching Christian Leaders podcast we will meet Dr. Sam Serio. Dr. Serio is the author of the book, Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting. He will share with us his insights on how to help those who have been sexually wounded.
Dr. Serio shared:His Ministry Journey. 00:51How his Ministry changed. 2:51Seven types of sexual hurt. 4:03The scope of the problem 6:57God’s way of helping is superior to the world’s way. 9:22The need to be sensitive on Mother’s Day of Father’s Day. 13:08How you should be careful as you teach forgiveness. 14:07How to communicate more effectively to the sexually hurting. 18:50The consequences of and how to help a sexless marriage. 20:40When the pastor is the one with the sexual hurt. 25:30An overview of his counseling s…

What is Possible? - Episode 2

For the past 18 months, this podcast was called The Real Pastors podcast. Real Pastors released monthly interviews with pastors and missionaries about their calling and their work.
Now that the podcast has been rebranded to Coaching Christian Leaders we will continue to interview those in ministry, especially pastors and missionaries. But we will add coaches and others in leadership.
In addition, I will feature coaching specific episodes.
So what you will hear in this episode is a monthly release under the heading of One Question Coaching. These One Question Coaching episodes will be short and to the point. My goal is to give you one action item to work on.
So here we go.
God has called you to lead. Whether a ministry or a business – God has called you to lead. Since that calling, you have worked hard and prayed. But now as you look back, as you evaluate the journey can you say your leadership, your ministry, or your business is where you thought it would be?
Here is a simple questio…