I am both blessed and honored to have Mark as a Leadership/Business Coach partner. As I take strides to become the transformational leader and coach that I believe God has wired me to be I couldn’t ask for a better Coach than Mark. 
Mark is very passionate about helping others reach their goals. He takes the time to listen, and weigh the information that is brought before him. Then, he gives it back to you in creative ways that you never thought of; but at the same time greatly inspires you to make that next step or leap of faith in the direction of your vision or mission. 
If you are reading this recommendation and you are contemplating whether or not you want to hire Mark as a coach. Let me help you by asking you these questions: 
  1. Do you want someone to come alongside and inspire you to reach your maximum potential? 
  2. Have you been sitting on your dreams and in your comfort zone and wish you had someone who will not only bring out the best in you; but, also encourage you to become what you were born to do? 
  3. Are you looking for a leader to come alongside and help you to remain true to yourself and the vision that God has given you? 
  4. Are you tired of settling for less than the best and you are ready to make the next move to achieve a level of significance and greatness in that God desires for you? 
If you answered yes to any or all of these then you should be convinced by now that Mark would be a perfect fit for you. Do not hesitate to contact him to discuss how he may come alongside you as a Leadership Coach that will impact your life.
Mark, it’s an honor to have you as a coach in my life. I wish you all God’s abundant blessings, peace, and prosperity as you fulfill your calling as a coach to Christian leaders in this decade. God bless you!🙌🏿 Carol Ganawah, Author Divorce-proof your 💍1st Marriage I help couples stay happily married for life! www.married4lifecoach.com carol@married4lifecoach.com

Joe Ready
"Pastor Mark Jones is a creative communicator and congregational leader who inspires others to excellence. Mark's capacity for overcoming organizational inertia and helping his congregants and colleagues think "outside the box" is an energizing and encouraging quality." Joe Ready, Pastor Liberty Church

Dan & Paula Fox

"Mark is an excellent communicator and has a burden to help other pastors. Most of all he loves Jesus and wants to see the gospel of Christ effectively communicated." - Dan Fox, Director of Development, The Restoration Farm

Glen & Barbara Willet

"Mark is a trusted friend and brother in the ministry. He is a rock solid Biblical teacher/pastor..." Glen Willet, Worship Pastor Westminster Baptist Church