Hey, I just wanted to tell you about the Masterminds I offer.

Three times a year - in Fall, Winter, and Spring - I offer masterminds.

These masterminds are for pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders who want to learn from each other and get feedback.

"How do they work?

Well, it's like this. On the day of the session, you log in to Zoom. Then five others log in and we get to work. There are three rounds.
  1. In round one, everyone shares a goal they completed. 
  2. In round two, each person has three minutes to share something with the group - a project they are working on, a problem at work, whatever. Then everyone else gives feedback and insight.
  3. And in round three we each set a goal to work on before the next session.
All of this takes about an hour. It's fast, fun, and sometimes intense.

Oh, and I almost forgot - there are six of these sessions spread over three months.

"How much does it cost?"

Nothing, It doesn't cost a thing. I make it free because God is glorified when His leaders are growing. And it is free because I want everyone to have the opportunity to participate. 

But here's the bad thing.  Seats are limited. So if you want to be a part of one, you need to email me to claim a seat. Email me at Put "Mastermind" in the Subject line and I will get back with you about availability and the dates.