Work With Me

People often ask me about the coaching I provide. So here's some information on that. Email me with any questions you have about the coaching.

One-On-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching is about you. You set the agenda. You pick the topics. Each session is about your needs, your learning, your growth.

"How often do we meet and how long is a session?"

Each session is 45 minutes. How often? I recommend three sessions per month. But that is up to you. However, I think for coaching to be effective, there should be no less than two sessions a month.

We meet either over the phone or on Zoom. I rarely provide in-person coaching. In fact, I think coaching over the phone or Zoom is more effective. Far fewer distractions.

"How much does it cost?"

That depends on you - the size of the church you lead, whether or not you are a faith-supported missionary, how many sessions and how many months. Contact me at for more information.

Group Coaching

I do some group coaching. But I limit this to the Baltimore/Washington area because I do these in person.

Team Building,  Church Health,  Board Structure, and Leadership Transition are some of the typical group coaching issues. But like one-on-one coaching, each group sets the agenda for the coaching.

Rates are negotiated based on what the group needs and the amount of time to achieve that. But, I do not bill the group until the work is completed and only if the group is satisfied.

Email me at for more information.