Work With Me

I coach small church pastors with the goal of making healthy small churches. If you lead a small church, a congregation size of 250 or less, then my coaching is for you. Here are the two ways I coach.

1.    One-On-One Coaching

One-On-One Coaching is about you. You set the agenda. You pick the topics. Each session is about your needs, your leaning, your growth.

What’s included? Three 45-minute coaching sessions per month delivered via phone or Zoom. Additionally, you can call me or text me between sessions as needed for some quick (five minutes or less) advice or coaching.

How much does it cost? One-On-One Coaching is provided as 3-month or 6-month packages. The 3-month package is $450 dollars. The 6-month package is only $750 dollars.  That’s a savings of $150 dollars over the 3-month package!

Whether 3-month or 6-month, your first coaching session begins with a Spiritual Life Assessment. The health of your church starts with your spiritual health.

2.    Leadership Development Team

What is a Leadership Development Team?  A Leadership Development Team is a small team consisting of pastors, ministry leaders, those in business or the military, who meet monthly for approximately two hours to learn and grow together.

How does it work? As a group, we will review a short subject on leadership. Then each member will share an item for discussion. These items are typically leadership, work, or personal issues. After the issue is presented, the group will provide insight and feedback to the member.  Finally, at the end of the two hours, the team will decide what each member will report back to the group at the start of the next session.

How and how often will we meet? The team will meet once per month for approximately two hours. We will meet via Zoom. By using Zoom,  you will never have to leave your home or office. There will also be a closed Facebook Group so you can share ideas and updates between sessions.

How long do the teams last? Leadership Development Teams are formed for a six-month period. When you join a team you are expected to be a member for the entire six-month period.

Is there a cost? Yes, the cost is $200 for the six-month period. This is a great value because you receive group coaching at a cost of under $35 per two-hour session. The $200 will be billed at the start of the six-month period and is non-refundable once the first session has been completed.

New teams form in September and January. Please contact me for more information.