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Values-Driven Leadership

Bobby Albert is the President of Values-Driven Leadership. He is the author of The Freedom Paradox , Principled Profits , and True North Business. Today we spoke with Bobby shared his insights on leadership and the state of our country. He Shared How he came to know Christ as your savior. Why he wrote The Freedom Paradox. What is meant by “Freedom Paradox. How Freedom + Responsibility = Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  What’s the value of going all the way back to the birth of our nation? Four cultural changes People are acting on emotions rather than principles People are exhibiting scarcity mindsets instead of abundant mindsets. People are focused on symptoms instead of the root problem. People no longer understand how you communicate is as important as what you communicate. What is the hope for American? His Books The Freedom Paradox Principled Profits True North Business His Website and Email Visit TFP-Book

Where's God in Your Plans?

Pastors, God has commissioned you to make disciples. God has gifted you to equip your church members for ministry. And God has committed you to train up not one generation of leaders but to oversee the training of two additional generations of leaders. But are you? Are you doing these things? I know I have struggled to develop leaders. Why? One reason is that I got busy doing church. Each week was filled with sermon prep and then preaching; administration, phone calls, visits. Nothing wrong with that. But weeks would go by, then months. And before you know it a year has passed and I still have not developed a leader. But that’s changing. And I want to share with you how it is changing and what you can do to develop the next generation of leaders at your church. This is Mark Jones and you are listening to Coaching Christian Leaders. Today we are going to answer an all-important question. And we must know the answer to move forward in our leadership development. Here’s the quest

Without This, Your Leadership Development Will Fail

Often when we start a new project, when we begin to develop a new program, if we are lacking a certain ingredient, if we do not have one specific emotion, the project withers and dies. But when we possess it we will see the project through. This is Mark Jones the host of Coaching Christian Leaders and today I will share with you that one essential ingredient you must have to move your leadership development program forward. When we last met, you were taking your first steps in leadership development. You determined the leadership position to develop and then you created a one-page job description for that position. If you have not done that then take a few minutes to do so. What is that position you wish to develop? I am working on developing elders. Maybe you need to create youth leaders or build up your children’s staff. Maybe it’s a deacon or women’s ministry leader. Whatever, you need to identify it and then create a simple job description. In the last episode, I encouraged