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Step One in Leading Change

Back in October, Thom Rainer posted Seven Reasons Pastors Get Fired. The first reason pastors get fired is "Members who can't deal with significant change." He later notes, "They would rather see the church slowly die than suddenly become healthy." But a primary role for a leader is to lead change. Pastors who take their leadership role seriously will need to lead their congregations through sign ificant change. Even at the risk of losing their jobs. But much of this can be avoided if the pastor takes the first step correctly. The reason churches struggle with change, the reason church members would rather accept slow death, is because leaders mistakenly shift the group into the new beginning before putting to rest the current situation. Dr. William Bridges, in his book Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes, identifies three phases of a transition. They are: an ending a neutral zone a new beginning Although we are talking about a church changing,