3 Tips to Jump Start Your Ministry Year

Work on Your Listening

As a leader, it is essential that you be an above average communicator. But that means more than speaking. It also means listening. Sadly today, listening is a lost art. This loss of listening skills affects many things, especially how we lead. Check out Kathy Lockwood's post on the art of listening and then purpose to become a better listener.

Tip One: Work on your listening.
Are You Listening?
by Kathy Lockwood
"Are you listening for understanding or are you focused more on what you are going to say next? As the other person is speaking, is that little voice in your head preparing your next response?" 


Think Small

I am the pastor of a small church. So I pay attention whenever I come across something for the small church leader. Here is one by Karl Vaters, the author of  The Grasshopper Myth: Big Churches, Small Churches and the Small Thinking That Divides Us. Mr. Vaters shares that small churches should use their smallness as a tool to reach people in ways that big churches can't. 

Tip Two is Think Small. Small churches need to use the power of smallness.
Is it Wrong If I Don't Want My Church to Grow?
by Karl Vaters
"One of the primary misunderstandings I face when writing about the value of small churches is the assumption that I don’t want churches to grow – or at least that I’m okay with settling for less."

Get Coached Up

A pastor is a shepherd, a servant, and a CEO. As the Chief Executive Officer, it is essential that you function at your highest level. So how do you do that? Gordon Tredgold has an idea. Give it a read and then schedule your free 45-minute coaching session.

Tip Three: Get Coached Up. If you're a leader you need a coach.
5 Great Reasons Why You Should Get an Executive Coach
by Gordon Tredgold
"I now realize that you can read all the books you want, attend training courses, seminars, and conferences but the real progress comes when you have a coach, as they can help you improve focus, hold you accountable, build your confidence, help you shape your ideas and give you a different perspective which we all need from time to time." https://www.inc.com/gordon-tredgold/5-great-reasons-why-you-should-get-an-executive-coach.html

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